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A girl with golden Braveness – a 20 year old solo traveller in India

A girl with golden Braveness - a 20 year old solo traveller in India

JOELIE, a girl I met in Manali, India. Manali is a mesmerizing hill station situated in beautiful Middle Himalayas. Manali is hub of Travelers from all over the world. Travelers comes here to resides themselves in the peace of Mountains and beauty of cedar trees. Manali’s heart is its main Market which is called as “Manali Mall Road” and there while on my regular walks to the Mall road I noticed a small girl with golden hairs and holding a Asthma pump and piece of paper in her hand. With her looks she looks merely a teenager. I thought she must be waiting for her parents to arrive. I waved her a “hi”, she waved me back with a cute tiny smile.

I ask her do you need any help?
She- Actually my bus is at evening and I am waiting for it.
Me- (feeling shocked) I asked- are you waiting for the whole day on stairs over here.
She- yes, just by moving to different cafes.

I took her with me on the way to my office and ask her to rest over in my office. On the way I ask her what’s your age? She answered with a smile “20”. I was completely aghast after hearing this. And at just mere age of 20 she was in India on her own “solo” and surprisingly it was her first time to India. I was wondering from where she got such golden braveness and also trust of her parents was very appreciable. She was leaving for Chandigarh airport at evening but to where she wants to board flight was still a thought to her. Her trip was totally unplanned. I ask her where next then? She said may be Kerela can you guide me with it? After that on time she booked her flight to Kochin. In India, Kerela is a state that is in south part of India. Kerela is beautiful with its fresh beaches, vivid south indian culture and its Tooth some cuisine After a long time I met some traveller similar to me. For me I never plan, I travel unpredictably, wherever my heart feels I go there. Such is my life too. I never plan for it. I move with waves of vast ocean called “Life” and it feels beautiful. If my dawn is in Manali I never know where my dusk would be.

I find same qualities in her. She thinks “life is wild and you should live it like a wanderer”. Later we follow back each other on Instagram so that we could stay connected forever and I advice her to rest in my resting room as she will be travelling at night. She went off and I was in my office checking her Instagram account. In the entire pictures I saw her one picture in which she is scuba diving under water that to without oxygen cylinder in Cocos island and the most Astounding fact is that she is Asthma patient. I saw that post and what is her view on this fact.

Photo by joelie.anna

“I was recently told that I could not scuba dive not forever, just until I have further testing done for my asthma, when I leave the Cocos island. And I felt so helpless because allowing other people to decide my limitations has never been my strong point, my dad has always called it stubbornness but I prefer to called it as divine intolerance. I have never wanted to do anything as much as I want to dive, but it’s here under the water that the girl that can’t breath on land has found all the air she needs”.

– Joelie Russell

And her words marked my heart forever. I was amazed that from where in the world she got so deep understanding and so much braveness. Our short span meet makes me think about her for 2-3 days even after she left. And I can’t hold back my pen to write about her.

Her bright smiley face, her courageous heart taught me the best chapter of my life that Every girl, every women should be brave enough to face this world in every circumstances. She taught me to be fearless and brave to see this beautiful world. I thanks joelie For being a part of my life and make me taught such a lasting lesson. Joelie lives in Australia and is a Nature loving person. She loves surfing and diving and she did this by over coming her Limitations and that is what wins my heart . Our short meet makes us sisters for Life . In my life I learned and experienced a lot from the time when I started to explore this world and thus peoples like joelie makes my believe firm to explore more in this journey of Travel. “You live only once, live it like thousand lives in one lifetime”.

– Written by Neha Timande

Author’s bio:

Neha is a travel writer based in Manali, India. She lives in the mesmerizing Mountains of Manali. She loves Mountains and especially love to explore antiques and hidden places in the world. To learn new and vivid culture makes her happy and confident with every upcoming journey. She writes the journey and experiences from her travel life, also her article has recently published in Lonely planet magazine India. She is also a anthology author in various anthology books. For her the definition of travel is – It’s a therapy to rediscover your own self, to rediscover your new version with a different vision towards world.

Instagram:  @travelstories_with_neha

Twitter:  @neha_timande



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