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How to Get Energy for Starting Your Own Business: 10 Wellbeing & Health Tips

Photo by @annaboroshok

Since I lead a community of 1060+ ambitious women who want to build their businesses based on who they are, I often get questions and complaints about lack of energy and time for business building. And I totally understand the concern, I’ve been there myself, I know what it means. 

Four years ago, I was working in Google which was an amazing company to work for but I was doing so much overtime that I hardly had time to even find a boyfriend not talking about building my own business. That’s where the first tip comes from:

  1. Find a job where you can have a work-life balance

Was it difficult to leave arguably the best employer in the world to find my balance? No, it wasn’t but I had my priorities, I was tough on them and it paid off in more balanced lifestyle and more energy for my side hustle.

Photo by @annaboroshok
Photo by @annaboroshok
  1. Learn to deal with overthinking

Overthinking drains your energy more than actions and, in fact, it doesn’t help. We mistakenly assume that if we “brainstorm”, we work. Unless your thoughts result in an immediate action, they don’t help. Next time you catch yourself on overthinking, stop and do something instead.

  1. Slow down

You might be surprised to see this tip but one of the biggest mistakes I see (and I did it myself) is setting too ambitious goals, so ambitious that we drain our energy even before starting working on it. Take it easy and allow a slow progress. Rome was not built in a day.

  1. Shift your mind about business building 

I haven’t heard this tip anywhere else, yet it is of utmost importance. Often, we perceive business building as something hard and draining. No wonder this is how it turns out for us. You are meant to operate your business with a heart filled with gratitude, always keep your focus there.

  1. Visualise

Visualising your dreams and experiencing the feelings that you want to live is a powerful instrument for not only getting energy but also ideas and opportunities for your business. It’s best to do visualisations in the morning. You can find a free guided visualisation in my book “How To Get Energy For Your Dreams”. It is very powerful.

Photo by @annaboroshok
Photo by @annaboroshok
  1. Make an audit of energy eaters

Sometimes we don’t even realise what eats out our time and energy. Here is an exercises for you: track every action you take during a day. At the end of the day, go through the list,  identify energy eaters and take action to minimise them.  Also, take your phone and switch off all the unnecessary notifications that urge you to pick up your phone because they suck  your energy. Do the same exercise for people who drain your energy.

  1. Eat energising foods

Food is extremely important in our energy levels. There is a very nice Netflix documentary which explains it in a scientific way  “The Game Changers”. It narrates how plant-based foods improve our performance and energy levels. Check it out to boost your energy.

  1. Dance away with a good music

It is proven that music can change our vibes in an instance. Dancing works the same way. When you need an extra serge of energy, open windows, put on a winner music and dance away. Invite your partner, it will double the energy levels.

  1. Good old sport

All the high performers I know are very serious about their sports routine. Why? Because they know that there is a direct correlation between sports, energy and business growth. If you don’t have time for sports, you can always find 7 mins for high intensity exercises. Google HIIT exercises and integrate them into your daily routine, you will see a huge difference in your energy levels.

  1. Identify your energisers and practice them often

We are all different and we are driven and energised by different things. Make a list of everything that gives you energy. Here are some examples: 5 mins walk in nature; favourite podcast; hugs with your partner; playing with a dog; essential oils, etc.

Photo by @annaboroshok
Photo by @annaboroshok

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Anna Boroshok,
Founder of Fearless Female Founders Community & Academy,
International speaker, author, ex-Googler, a digital marketing strategist.


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