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How to pack your suitcase for a short city break?

How to pack your suitcase for a short city break?

Do you always think what to pack before your trip to be totally prepared? In times where we have to pay more for your luggage than for the ticket it’s worth to be organised and have a solid base of things, that will be useful during our trips. My tips will be based on packing a small bag and 10kg suitcase.

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I will skip the passports and money as without it you won’t be able to go anywhere. The only thing that I can suggest is to keep your money and documents separate. In case, we get robbed (of course I don’t wish for this to happen, however it is worth to be safe than sorry), a thief will probably take only what he needs, which is valuable objects and money, documents however he will leave alone. I recommend a purchase of small sachets in different colours so we can quickly grab what we need when we need it.

The airport

I don’t know how about you, but I always drink a coffee at the airport and eat a sandwich which I prepared in advanced. I don’t know why, but I always get nervous before my airport trip and I prefer not to eat or eat a little bit less. This is why I always have sandwiches with me, I eat one with my coffee and then on the plain or as soon as I land at my destination (we often don’t know if there will be somewhere to buy something to eat, this is why it’s worth to have something with you to avoid eating random stuff and overpaying for it as well. I always take wet wipes with me and hand gel. Firstly, I wipe the table which I use to have my coffee and use the hand gel (even if I washed my hands before), and secondly, I wipe the plane table even if I don’t eat as I don’t know who was sat there before me and if the table was cleaned. The wet wipes will be also useful in toilet! I always pack a cream with vitamin A, which I apply on skin after wiping it with a wet wipe and using hand gel. Skin often gets dry during the flight, after using the cream with vitamin A my skin looks glowing and is ready to apply sunscreen.

After landing we can feel the sun straight away, (I normally choose sunny destinations), this is why next items on my list are sun glasses and sun creams! I know, that there is a lot of opinions about using the sun creams, however I don’t want to risk my skin being premature aged. I normally buy standard size toiletries and then I transfer them to the travel size containers. This way it works out cheaper than purchasing travel size items. I know, that in some cases you can’t do it for example dry shampoo, but whenever I can I buy standard sizes, as when I go on a longer holiday, I then have option of taking bigger amount of toiletries due to the bigger luggage allowance and during two-weeks holiday I will use a lot more than during 3 days for example. Saving money and planning at the same time. I always take with me two long sleeve tops which will match to all the clothing items I prepared. One of them I often wear while I am traveling from home and second one in my suitcase. In case if one top gets dirty I don’t have to mess around with washing it! When I land and even though the sun is shining, but there is a bit windy – I am prepared and I can enjoy everything straight away without worrying that I will be too cold or too warm.

My toiletries bag

As we know the content of our toiletries bag has to be minimised when we only travel with hand luggage. As I mentioned before I always pack vitamin A cream, sun creams, dry shampoo, face moisturizer, miceral water, highly moisturizing hair conditioner, heat protection spray for my hair, foundation (it often has SPF filter, this is why when I wear makeup I skip the sun cream), mascara, blusher and bronzer. Makeup is very flat and it doesn’t take a lot of room so it will easily fit into the 20cm x 20cm see through bag. A lot of products such as shampoo, tooth paste and body lotion can be found in the hotel room’s bathroom. It is worth checking before our arrival if the hotel has the above to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Perfumes and deodorant. Depending on your body needs the toiletries will change. In terms of the skin care, it is worth visiting our local Boots and asking for some samples of the products we normally use. Advisors are always very happy to assist. I made friends with one of the ladies and I always tell her that I am going away and would like to get 3 or 4 samples for 3 days. Because I buy there on a regular basis there is never any issues. In many clothing shops we can buy the travel sets with see through containers. They often already have 20cm x 20cm bags as well which we can use. Don’t forget about your toothbrush and your hairbrush!

What clothes and accessories to take

Wardrobe is a very individual thing. I always try to pack and also buy clothes that go with everything. If I pack dresses, I make sure that I also pack shoes that will go with them. Some habits you develop with time and everyone is different. I always take an outfit for each day plus one extra in case I feel, that I would like to change in the evening. Two pairs of trousers or jeans, one pair which I wore on my way there and one extra. If I am going somewhere in the middle of the summer I skip the second pair. I like to have something comfy to wear when I go down for breakfast or to change to after a long walk. I pack elegant sandals and slippers, so I can wear it in my hotel room. I always wear comfy shoes for the plain journey, they often come useful during walks. Of course pyjama! I think this is all. I will crete a seperate post about holiday wardrobe one day!


During your travels anything can happen, this is why it’s worth packing parcetamol, plasters and something for stomach problems.


Except all these things I mentioned above please remember to take your phone charger, plugs (check which ones you need at your destination), power bank, travel pillow, something to read during your fly and whatever you feel that you need, but make sure you don’t go over 10kg!

Alex Kaur Seera @alexkseera



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