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I came to Bali for 2 weeks… and stayed for 6 months!

I came to Bali for 2 weeks… and stayed for 6 months!

Hi everyone! I’m Alana, I’m a student from Scotland who loves travelling and all things pink.

In March, I came to Bali for what should have been a two week vacation… six months later, I am blessed to still be here!

At first, it was weird not knowing when I would return home but then I got into the island life and started to enjoy my time. During the lockdown period we moved to a villa in Uluwatu, south of the island, to be away from crowded places and at least be in some nature. We shared a big villa with some newly found friends and began filling our time
before things began to open again.

Bali is a magical island, the island of the gods. The wonderful thing about Bali is that every place is so different from the next. Canggu is the young, bustling place to be. It is filled with hipster cafes, gorgeous boho-chic villas and beautiful beach clubs. In contrast, Uluwatu, in the south, is much more laid-back and green with many great warungs (local eateries). In the north, Lovina provides the perfect spot for snorkelling and dolphin watching and diving into waterfalls. Central Bali offers the place called Ubud filled with rice fields, traditional markets and many monkeys. Lastly, Amed, in east Bali, combines beautiful white-sanded beaches with rugged mountains and scenic temples. Bali is certainly a holiday destination that does not disappoint and will cater to everyone’s needs.

Check out my Instagram @alanaspinktravels to see some of the most beautiful places in Bali and experience daily life there with me.



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