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What I have learned on the road

The road is the only way I know

There is nothing as powerful as putting together different people from different backgrounds and cultures that don’t know each other but decide to take the only way that we know: the road. It is something about seeing yourself on the “other” and a little bit of each one of them on you. Travelling around for the unknowing has made me learn about the biggest adventure that we are into: life.


I don’t know if there is a right way to feel free but I have learned that freedom is something that you build everyday with your soul. The sky is not the limit, but it’s enough to hear the birds singing, enjoy the view, feel the wind on my face and the good feeling on my chest.

Faith in humanity

Be sad knowingthat it is impossible to meet all the good people in the world because they are so many. Accept that this will always be your missing part, however be grateful for those you have already met and for those whom you still will meet.

You only learn trying

The only way to learn is by trying, you only will know if it is the right way if you try it. If it is, great! If not, great too because that means one less possibility.

Aci Trezza, Sicily, Italy
Aci Trezza, Sicily, Italy
Puerto Madero, Bueno Aires, Argentina

Each one has a different background

The “Obvious” depends a lot on the background and the culture of each person. It is important to embrace all the different opinions even when you disagree with it, because exchanging ideas is the only way that we can change and improve yourselves and the world around us.

The power of change

From all the powers in the world the capability to change is the most powerful one. There is something amazing in being adaptive because you learn how to take and at the same time how to leave a little bit of each person and each place that you have passed through. When we decide to take the road and meet so many people from so many different places, we start to leave pieces of us around to go get it someday. To be honest not to get it but to find it, because it now belongs there and not with us anymore. The part missing that stays with us, instead, is exactly the empty part that allows us to take something from the new places that you are about to arrive and from those amazing people that you are about to meet. Which means, let it always open because we never know what is coming on the next road.

Viù, Piemonte, Italy


Family is something that you build and home is not only the place that you live in but is also about how you feel. Most of the time home will be a thousand different places and sometimes will not be any of them because home is also the people that matters. For this reason I have learned that it is possible to feel home even 11.000km away from my house.

Be grateful

Be grateful for each person that you meet on the way because at the end when you look at the amazing landscapes around you, you will realize that the beauty of life is in the people that we decide to share our lives with.

One life, live it!

If not to live, why would we be here? We only have one life and, at the same time, we have the chance to live it everyday so do it! Neither the past and the future  belong to us, we only have the present so take it.We only have the “here” and “now”. It is okay to make plans for the future but they will not mean anything if you don’t do something here and now for them. When was the last time that you tried or felt something for the first time?
The most important thing in life is to be open to the infinity of possibilitiesand the rest we build on the way.
I mean, why not?

Bueno Aires, Argentina
Etna, Sicily, Italy
Etna, Sicily, Italy

Photos by @giu_zanetti
Written by Giulia Guarrera Zanetti
19-year-old, brazilian student of tourism and photography


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